At Network Hardware Market, we are committed, creative and confident!

Established over 4 years ago, we are renowned for delivering superior, tip-top networking and communication products. We possess a vast reserve of knowledge in the industry and continue to challenge ourselves to meet any of your needs pertaining to networking and communication products. We are a resolute, relevant brand and command a host of requisite skills that serves the best interests of our clients.


We deliver gilt-edge, revamped products of the highest caliber, flawlessly packaged and readily available at affordable costs.


At Network Hardware Market, our top-notch, front-line and personalized skills will aid you with a host of well renowned and reliable manufacturers that bring you closer to your favorite and trusted brands. They include;

  • FORCE10
  • VMware
  • F5
  • netOptics
  • FORTInet
  • Juniper
  • DELL
  • A10
  • HP
  • Extreme networks
  • EMC2
  • Riverbed
  • BARRACUDA networks
  • Polycom among others.


We are proud to acknowledge that every brand sourced and sold by Network hardware market is guaranteed to be of the highest quality as all items are properly tested before dispatch to our esteemed clients.

Our Services Are:

  • IT Recycling, Disposal, Installation, Configuration, Repair, Cabling and many more.
  • Buying and selling of new networking and communication hardware equipment as well as used/refurbished equipment based on several years of experience in handling networking communications.
  • Rendering of expert advice on which products and generations are best suitable for you and your business. Upgrade on your terms.
  • New and refurbished networking equipment like enterprise routers, switches, servers and IP phones from brands like Cisco, Juniper, HP, Avaya, etc.


To say the least, our firm, resolute and unparalleled commitment to ensuring outstanding quality and delivering excellent customer services at unbeatable prices is the hallmark of Network Hardware Market. Our team is reputed for excellence, top-shelf reliability and extensive knowledge in the art and act of purchasing and selling high-quality networking and communication hardware products.

All our businesses are conducted in an ethical and professional manner that meets the up-to-date needs of our clients in the global world. With over many years of running this business, our wealth of experience makes us the best-fit in the market. As a result, we continue to leverage on ong-term relationships based on relentless, excellent customer satisfaction that is second to none.

Because of our proficiency and technical know-how, our clients do repeated business with us and refer potential customers to us. We are readily available via emails, phone calls, and text messages.


At Network Hardware Market, we pride ourselves on timely delivery as we dispatch our products through top courier services like FedEx, UPS, TNT, Parcelforce and DPD. We exude great care when packing and posting our products and happily replace items where possible and necessary. As a last resort, we will issue a full refund to keep our customers fully satisfied without any hassle.

Network Hardware Market is one of the best choices you can ever come across; we are determined to serve you in the best way possible and give you the ultimate satisfaction that you truly deserve!


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